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Preparation for your Operations

Snow plow operators/employees/subcontractors should be required to view the properties they will service during plowing operations before the season begins. Finding curbs and manhole covers during a snowstorm can be dangerous to the operator as well as opening up the possibility of severely damaging the truck and/or plow. And remember, ALL plow operators must wear a seat belt while plowing. If it is necessary to have a passenger in the plow truck – seat belt use should be mandatory for these individuals too.

Sidewalk snow removal crews also require proper attire to work out in the elements. While they will be warm while using a snow pusher or shovel, once they stop the physical activity a chill can set in if they are not properly dressed. Heat escapes the human body more quickly from the uncapped head than from any other part of the body. A wool hat with a face mask can temper this heat loss, and also ward off frostbite during windy conditions. Additionally, warm feet are very important when working on a sidewalk snow removal crew. Good, warm footwear is a “must” if workers are to be productive.

Some companies will supply sidewalk workers with proper attire – carhart jacket, carhart bibs, waterproof boots and hats. Considering how much revenue these people generate for the companies they work for – and how little they are paid per hour – this is a small investment that can pay back big time.

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