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We offer over 25 years of snow plowing industry experience to ensure that employees, tenants, and customers have safe passage in and out of your facility. Polar Group LLC delivers superior service every time using the most up-to-date systems and continuous communication.

Polar Group utilizes a variety of equipment to address winter storms and snow removal.  Based on the size of the property, we perform snow removal services with front loaders, skid steers, pick-up trucks with plows, snow blowers, and shovels.

Snow Pushing
Snow Plowing


Effectively deicing your property is important for several reasons..  Deicing helps to improve safety, which minimizes the number of slip and fall claims. Reduced risk of slip and fall litigations ultimately lowers your insurance costs.  But most importantly, providing safe passage, clear sidewalks, roadways, entryways, and parking lots are signs of superb customer service and welcomes customers to your facility.

Polar Group is committed to being environmentally safe and offers a variety of products to deice your facility.  Deicing is determined by surface and winter temperatures. Therefore, Polar Group will access your facility and needs, and make a recommendation as to which product is best.


Triple Melt is our liquid melt of choice. Applied to the sidewalks and traffic areas prior to a storm, prevents the bonding of snow and ice to your concrete.



Fusion liquid de-icer is used to treat our salt, reducing bounce and scatter, keeping a higher ratio of salt on the surfaces. Fusion enhances quality and longevity of salt applications.



(Calcium, magnesium, Acetate) is provided for clients who want to avoid chlorides on their concrete. CMA is the only product approved for new concrete.



We use the highest quality ice melt available, Professional Ice Melter. PIM melts more, melts faster and at lower temperatures. Upon request, we also provide Winter Green Ice Melter, proven to enhance all grass and shrub areas often damaged by other products.










Snow Removal

Polar Group can fulfill all snow and ice management related services.  Relocating (hauling) snow from any given site is just a phone call away.  We have trucks and a variety of loaders at the ready to take intrusive piles of snow off-site and dispose of this excess snow legally.


Sidewalk snow clearing and deicing is a specialty.  With an army of labor as well as specialized equipment for mechanized sidewalk clearing and deicing applications, we keep your site safe for pedestrian traffic

Sidewalk Crew


Monitoring the weather is key in the snow removal industry to stay ahead of each and every storm.  Polar Group partners with Weather Works to provide expert meteorological weather services. Meteorologists provide past, present, and future weather conditions, including forecasts and advance storm warning, so that we can act and service our customers timely.

Weather Works


Want to see "if" and "when" the Polar Group has been to your property. Log into the CrewTracker Cloud Web Portal. Crewtracker Software is a mobile software that tracks all snow services performed at your location.  You'll see what services were started, are in progress, and are completed; the time started and time finished; and photos of the property before and after.


We can even send you a text or an email when each service is completed. All we need is your smartphone number and cell company name, and/or your email address.

Before Image Of Sidewalk
After Image Of Sidewalk
Crewtracker Software


To request a free quote, fill out the form below and a representative from the Polar Group will respond as soon as possible.

For a complete list of services or if you need immediate assistance, please call 630-613-7636.

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