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When is the Time?

Are you getting numerous calls from snow contractors from all over – all asking (essentially) the same thing… anyone signing any work yet? Unfortunately, it’s not yet time. I know, I know – you’re getting antsy. You want them to make a decision, even if it is not the one you want to hear. I’ve told my clients the activity should change over the next two weeks. Ok – SOME customers have made the commitment for the upcoming winter, but it’s not the norm just yet.

Everyone says “it is happening awfully late this season”. That’s not quite accurate. Contractors have gone through the same question/answer session last year about this time. And, the year before it was the same thing.

Patience. Patience. – And perseverance. Keep making those follow-up calls. Don’t give up.

It WILL happen. That too occurs every fall too.

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