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Project a Professional Image

It is important that we (in the snow business – as well as all other walks of life) project a professional image. Customers need to be able to communicate with you. You must have at least a cell phone – and nowadays maybe an I-Phone or smart phone of some sort. Sounds basic doesn’t it? It is. However, do you have the phone number accessible so customers can find you. Nowadays, a Facebook page (even if you fight it, and get dragged in kicking-and-screaming). It is a cost of doing business. Have business cards. If you have a business phone line, put that on the cards. Including your cell phone number on the business card is optional, although most customers work from an “instant gratification” standpoint, wanting and demanding almost instant access to their suppliers, vendors and snow contractors. For business cards, you don’t need to go to a print shop given the current technology available for use on any standard PC or Laptop. Pass your business cards out to everyone you see. This “networking” can garner all kinds of attention, leads, and inevitably more business. Signs on your truck help tremendously. Have them professionally made. It is worth the expense to project professionalism for your business.

If you think you are a professional, or you think you are not – you’re right.

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