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Over-Dependence on Strength

For many leaders, their greatest weakness is an over-dependence on their biggest strength.

Perhaps it's a frequently-exhibited ability to think creatively; a hard-earned reputation for grinding out the detail, or a stellar history of landing big clients. Whatever a leader’s signature skill, some leaders develop a learned dependence on it. Subconsciously, they default to that strength in almost every circumstance, whether appropriate or not. This pattern--of limiting oneself by over-dependence on a key strength--can be spotted only over time. Only someone who has worked closely with you in different situations will see it. That’s just one of the many reasons every great leader needs true confidantes.

Think you're limiting yourself by over-dependence on a key skill or attribute? Again, don't try to fix it yourself. No doctor would attempt self-surgery, nor should you. Find a coach or mentor you can trust, and get some outside help.

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