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What does it take to make someone a great entrepreneur? If everyone knew the answer to that then the whole country would be full of self-made millionaires working for themselves in thriving businesses. We all dream of being successful but it is hard to say exactly what sets natural business people apart from everyone else. People say that the key to being a successful business person is that you have to have passion and drive and above all a real appetite for risk. No one has ever become truly successful or created a great business by playing it safe. Of course you have to be prepared to put in the hard miles - everyone who owns their own business will tell you that it is a lot of hard work. The difference between working for yourself and for someone else is the fact that ultimately, you will care more than anyone else around you about the business. But you also have to be prepared to take risks and accept the fact that you will make mistakes along the way. The key is not to fall into the trap of believing you always have to get everything right.

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