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Battling the Sidewalk

One of the most difficult areas snow contractors have to deal with is “sidewalks”. Most contractors shy away from this kind of work. And, with good reason. Too often we experience labor issues associated with getting guys to get out in the elements and battle the snow first hand. It’s much different than from the warm cab of a truck or loader or skidsteer. It’s cold. It’s nasty. It’s generally a thankless job that must be done without benefit of mechanical devices that would make the job easier. Or – better stated – the mechanical devices that ARE used in sidewalk snow clearing are sometimes not designed for the activity. Skid steers work well, but are severely limited in some instances. They don’t work real well in light snowfalls, and require some rather expensive attachments in order to make them efficient. They are heavy and transporting them can be problematic, especially during monster snowfalls.

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