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Preparing for more Snow!

Winter is upon us – at least in some parts of the country. If you’re not ready by now, you need to hurry it up some. Cold air is sweeping through the USA, with the northwest getting pounded, the mid-west already getting snow and the east coast cooling down. Get the plows out. Hook them up. Test them. Make sure the chains on the spreaders are greased. Hopefully, you have taken the last few months to prepare. Having snow in “tonight's forecast” is not the time to start checking to ensure the equipment works. Things happen over summer. And, at 4 PM when the snow starts falling is NOT the time to go looking for parts. It gets expensive that way. Some contractors have had their crews and subs out looking over sites. This is the correct methodology for keeping everyone informed. Do it now. Meet the crew(s) on-site and show them what needs to be done. Please don’t wait until there is 3” of snow on the ground before explaining what the customers desires are with regards to snow placement, what to avoid, where the employees park, etc.

It IS going to happen. You should be prepared.

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