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Workman's Compensation Claims

Workman’s Compensation claims can put a company out of business if not taken seriously. While prevention is the preferred method of dealing with potential employee injuries, unfortunately such injuries do occur and must be dealt with in some fashion. Getting injured employees proper, timely medical care so that they can return to work quickly is a key factor in keeping workman’s compensation premiums within reason. Not paying attention to what is happening can prove disastrous in the form of increased premiums, decreased productivity in your work force, and a decided affect to your bottom line profits. Additionally, putting ones head in the sand and assuming that the insurance company will “take care of it” is archaic and implies ignorance of the facts surrounding injury management. And, make no mistake – it should be viewed as injury “management” as you can manage the process of getting an employee the proper care in an effort to return that employee to an active work capacity. This in no way implies that companies should take a callous attitude toward

s good medical attention for an injured employee. However, not paying attention to the proper aftercare may promote abuses to the system and therefore dramatically escalate the costs associated with such insurance coverage.

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