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Business Hires and Finance

Hiring needs are more easily recognized if you can project what your business load will be “next year”. If you know what your staffing needs will be, and if you can assure potential employees that they will, in fact, have a job next season – it makes it much easier to retain good workers. These employees will learn what the customers want, and carry that information from year to year. You should then enjoy increased productivity on customer sites since your employees already know the customers wants and needs, and will not require time to “learn” what the customers expectations might be. Customers enjoy a satisfaction level that comes with being “comfortable” with the level of service that is achieved through repetition by those familiar with the property.

If you need to obtain business financing, have multi-year contracts will assist you in sustaining your credibility with your banker or leasing company. Such foresight shows good business sense, and also shows the potential lender that you will have funds available to repay the loan. One of the biggest questions asked (even if silently) is “how will you repay us?” How you address this can make or break a loan application’s approval percentage.

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